Write About the Best Thing You’ve Read Recently

Think of books that you have recently read and select one that you enjoyed the most. Think of what it was about the book that makes it stand out in your mind…did you get caught up in the plot? Were there memorable characters that you cared about? Was there a great message, or just something that stuck in your mind?  This will also be the book that you will base your video on, so make sure to choose a book that you remember.  (Start thinking about how you will be communicating the essence of the book into a few short phrases for the video).

In a clearly written paragraph, please share the title (in italics) and author of your book and include the reason(s) it stands out as the best thing you’ve recently read.

This is assignment #4, and it’s due by the end of class today. Spell check before submitting your post.

The next (slightly obvious) assignment, will be to post at least 1 comment on one another’s posts on best books. That assignment, #5, will be due by the end of class on Thursday, Oct. 29th, which will be a 40-minute class.

You’ve written some great comments on the Favorite Childhood Books posts.  All the comments are now posted, so take a look when you have a chance.  In case you were wondering, the book with the most comments was Winnie the Pooh.

Need Some Inspiration for Your Book Video?

Just so you know, the common term now being used for these videos is “book trailer.”

If you want to take a look at other book trailers online, The Pettus High School Library blog has several posted.

Just be aware that not all of them were created with Animoto; some were made with MovieMaker and PhotoStory, so the effects and options are different.

We will start creating our book trailers next week.


Your posts on your Favorite Childhood Book are due by Wednesday, May 3rd. For details on this assignment, see the original post.

Assignment #3

Read the posts that others have written on their Favorite Childhood Book and choose one to comment on. Click on the link for comments in that particular post.